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WebProWorld Members,

Sometimes it's the simple questions that require a complex, or long-winded answer. One could really write a book about this inquiry, "Has SEO Peaked?" It's certainly a more interesting variant of the beating-a-dead-horse question about SEO being dead.

Richard J. Tofel of Nieman Lab is the reference behind the question, though he's a bit more dire in his original article. In it he states how the sun will eventually set on SEO, and we're witnessing the beginning stages of the process.

Tofel definitely mentions points worth referencing, though I think he overshoots the point a bit. What I reallly took from his article is that SEO isn't going away, but perhaps the Google way of SEO could potentially be. Considering Google is all he mentions in his article, it shows me Tofel might not be looking at developments in other places.

Tofel's strongest argument is the mention of Google Panda, and how ham fisted it has been in trying to improve the quality of search results. Tofel makes the point that while SEO might improve, its inefficiences will always be there and how another system will take its place.

What Tofel fails to point out is how SEO is adapting in so many other places than Google. Blekko being the prime example right now. If you haven't used their search engine yet, they're implementing some unique ideas in terms of optimizing search. By using hashtags, and allowing users to filter bad content, the results have a natural feel to them. This is just me soothsaying, but I foresee a Google buyout in their future (or maybe Bing). Their system is that worthy.

Looking over at Google's big competition, Bing, they're making huge strides towards integrating social media into search results. Some could say they're doing it at a faster pace than Google. Let's not forget that Google's image revamp was inspired by Bing's original layout.

SEO is a technology I never foresee going away as long as 'content is king'. There could come a time that the internet is completely ruled by apps, and web pages are no longer necessary. But that's a future which seems a long ways away (or maybe not). However, social media just isn't the kind of platform to replace SEO. While communication is a great benefit from social networks, it's too haphazard in providing directions towards content. If your friends can't help you find something on Facebook, then you're probably not going to find it.

What are your thoughts on the idea of SEO reaching its peak? How much room does it have to grow? Is Tofel correct in saying we're at the beginning of the end?

The ideas presented in the WebProWorld newsletter editor's note do not reflect the thoughts, and ideas of the WebProWorld community.

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Monday, March 14, 2011 Visit Here

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Google Can Probably Hear You and Index Your Audio

Google Can Probably Hear You and Index Your Audio
I found several postings on SEO related websites where the author was genuinely trying to give other members the heads-up on this very important subject and they got no replies to their posts…

On their behalf I will try one last time…

I quote this material from my posting in another forum that simply did not understand…

"It would seem that indexing for audio content is definitely technically feasible for Google. In September 2008 Google Labs launched a service called GAudi, which was designed to work with You Tube to catalogue all the words spoken in a video or audio clip and then add them into a searchable database (it was restricted to political streams for the Beta). It disappeared in July 2010 despite being well received. I can't point you to Gaudi to see what I'm on about, but I can point you to two technologies that will give you a good idea of what Google could be doing if it wants to right now

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Posted by: theoracle View Post | Click To Comment

Site for Review

So I wanted to create a simple but useful start page, especially aimed at users not too proficient at the web; you know the ones that aren't aware what a "browser" is or don't know the difference between a search bar and an address bar.

View The Site

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I can redirect the old pages to the new pages (by using the site: command to pull up a list of all pages in Google), but as I can't do this for the images stored by Google, and as I cant get on the server I can't move the images directly... There are lots of images that need to be moved from one server to the other, either that or deleted from Google's index.

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One of our more recent websites was ranking well for it's main keywords, but last week i noticed that it's all of a sudden nowhere to be found unless i do a URL search.

Even searching for (almost) unique content in quotes doesn't show it in the serps, just their old website.

the url is and the keywords they were ranking for are 'office cleaners carlisle', 'carpet cleaners carlisle', 'window cleaners carlisle', etc.

They also have 5 other url's (that i know of) and the chances of getting them linked or 301'd to the new/main site is slim at best.

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I am returning to SEO after a break of about six years and feel very disheartened by the general standard of postings. Most of what I see is people asking questions, the answers to which might help them rise in the search-engine rankings, very few posters offer anything new.

I am currently doing my best to give enlightenement as to how the world of search is going to progress/meltdown, but people are more interested in stuff search engine spiders stopped looking at years ago.

On your own heads be it...

At least someone tried to tell you just how well developed the artificial intelligences behind search really are...

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