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WebProWorld Members,

StumbleUpon is one of the more addicting sites I've come across in awhile. Which is why it didn't surprise me when the news was announced, concerning StumbleUpon being the #1 source of social media traffic. Beating out the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

I've been using their service since it was launched. It's a Twitter based tool, that allows users to track all their important stats and even post tweets as well. If you use Twitter as a tool for business, I highly recommend

It appears as though StumbleUpon will be expanding in the future, upon gaining $17 million in funding. There are already plans to expand in the mobile space, and hire additional employees.

Garrett Camp, StumbleUpon CEO and co-founder talks about the new funding, "We are excited to have DAG Ventures join our existing investors in this new round of financing"

"With this new investment, we will make it even easier for people to find interesting and relevant content on the Web, whether they are on their desktop, mobile device or even TV."

How many of you have used StumbleUpon, either to find new sites, or gain traffic for your own? What has your expeerience been? Are they deserving of the additional funds?

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011 Visit Here

Google Discussion Forum
Help Dealing With The Ever-Changing Monthly Specials Page

Help Dealing With The Ever-Changing Monthly Specials Page
I am so not sure how to deal with this - the page that changes every single month - the monthly specials page.

As it stands I would like to not only link to this page but I'd like to link out to other products on the site, which are a part of the special for that month.

The problem is that I'm worried about page-rank: this month there's links to these products, next month there's links out to those products but the previous months links are gone? I have a bad feeling about this.

Plus, I can't leave the last month's specials on the page because the clients worry that customers will see last months specials and bug them to give them last month's deal.

What is the negative affect on the site's overall link profile? Is it possible that changing the page up every month (removing old links, making new ones) doesn't have a negative affect on SEO at all?

As it stands, for the few clients that have "specials pages", I've been refraining from linking out now because I'm concerned about the flow of page rank and then cutting it off/changing it up. Of course there are link that always remain on the page but my main goal is to be able to build back-links to the page and continue to pass pagerank to other pages but it seems each month the page rank would have to disappear and visit another page.

Has anyone thought of an ingenious way of dealing with a page of this nature?

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Google Discussion Forum
Cached page not found

Quick question...

Why does Google rank a site, but when i click on 'cached' it says page not found?

Surely if GG is ranking a page, it's crawled and cached the page in question.

This is something I've noticed occasionally over the years.

Any ideas?

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Posted by: hawkwind dave View Post | Click To Comment

Graphics & Design Discussion Forum
Floated menu and content messed up in IE

I've spent the last couple of days trying to figure out where I'm going wrong, but before I turn to drink I thought of asking here

The page is a simple top bar div, header, floated right content, then floated left menu and footer.

In FF it works fine, but in IE8 the content div doesn't stick to its defined width - it takes up the entire width, and the menu and footer's styling aren't applied.

You can see what I mean here: Any ideas?

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Posted by: alextj View Post | Click To Comment

Search Engine Optimization Forum
Ranking issues for an individual page

Our Cape Verde site ranks very well in general, yet I'm struggling to work out why a particular page only appears on page 4. The page ( has been live on the site for over a year and yet when I search for Iberostar Boa Vista, a news article in our press section ranks much higher (4th on page 1). I appreciate the news article has been around for longer, but surely by now the hotel page should have overtaken it? Generally speaking, all the other hotel pages currently rank first page.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this might be?

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Posted by: thepoacher View Post | Click To Comment

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