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WebProWorld Members,

I wonder if, in the history of Google algorithm updates, has one gone live without controversy following it? Google's most recent algorithm update, codenamed: Panda has certainly been met with a heap of controversy. I think Buffalo Springfield said it best; battle lines are being drawn, and indeed, nobody's right if everybody's wrong.

Some have praised Panda, and have noticed significant upgrades in the quality of results. While others have the notions that the update simply improved results for others, while perfectly legitimate sites took a huge dive.

Google has been adamant about how this update will combat content farms, and allow more reliable sites to be put in the forefront. It has accomplished its goal to an extent, certain content farms have ranked lower on Google. However, some of the same type of sites are doing just fine.

Suite101, according to metric data, has suffered the worst in terms of percentage as it relates to organic performance. It is considered a content farm, but eHow, one of its direct competitors is still doing well in Google's search results. What could be the difference between these two sites that function much on the same level?

This discrepancy is an example of what many have been criticizing Google for in their latest update. In fairness, Google has admitted their algorithm isn't perfect and if webmasters contact them with proof their site is being pushed down unfairly, then they'll launch an investigation.

Here's a few things Google changed with the Panda update (if you want the full list, click the first link up above):

- User comfort level in the trust area

- Is it considered authoritative

- Is the content quality good enough for print?

- Are there too many ads?

- We know Google has its definition of what could be considered low quality

- Google uses a “classifier” to draw a line in the sand

Since everyone is divided over Panda, what are you opinions concerning the update? Has your site benefited from the algorithm change, or has it slumped?

The ideas presented in the WebProWorld newsletter editor's note do not reflect the thoughts, and ideas of the WebProWorld community.

| JohnnyV |

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Monday, March 07, 2011 Visit Here

Google Discussion Forum
Can Google Or Would Google Read The Name Of My Databases?

Can Google Or Would Google Read The Name Of My Databases?
Good Monday members of and thank you for your time. I have a questions about Google and their relationship to my database. Do they have one?

I've seen a lot of strange things with Google bot over the years, or, something that's come from Google that seems to be able to read my forms and submit them - not to mention the fact that I can give Google-bot access to private member areas of my site (Google's own user-name) if I so choose to.

So with that said, could it or would it be possible or of Google's interest to at least read/find the name of my databases?

I ask because for some of the site's I'm playing with right now, I may want to use the same database but on different sites - the content displayed differently etc. but I have a suspicion Google may not like this practice too much...

Any thoughts are always appreciated!

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I can however still successfully connect using my 3G Vodafone Mobile Connection (USB dongle) and from locations offering wifi connections e.g. East Coast Trains. All BT have been able to suggest is deactivating the BT Hub's firewall. This is no problem as I'm running a Norton firewall. However, deactivating the BT Hub's firewall doesn't solve the problem, i.e.

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Google Discussion Forum
So What Now - Google Algorithm Aftermath

What is everyone doing who got hit? One of our sites (the only one that got hit) is StarReviews which got absolutely devastated, so the question is what now? What is everyone else doing? I know I am not the only one checking SERPs 5 times a day and trying to make tweaks to the site.

Most of those who got hit have content and probably lots of it. Google just told you your content sucks. I for one disagree but am I going to upgrade 1000's of pages of content not knowing whether or not Google cares or if it will help or do I just abandon the site? Let it sit and hope that at some point in the future Google discovers the error of its ways.

The other thought for us is to take categories of content and develop targeted niche sites and expand the content. But then I am basically starting from scratch unless I do 301s redirects from the old to new for that category. For example, I take everything finance related in StarReviews, open FinanceReviewsbyStar and do a 301 redirect. Now the site is totally focused on one category. But then is the 301 redirect not only passing all the link juice and links but is it also passing my Google penalty or downgrade or bitchslap .. whatever you want to call it? I am not trying to game Google, I am trying to develop a site that is viewed as valuable and from what I have seen many niche sites are doing well.

What are the options for sites that were at one time significant, have employees and can no longer stand on their own? We buy a lot of websites but I am not sure I want to touch sites that got hit not knowing if it is going to get worse.

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