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WebProWorld Members,

HUGE announcement incoming: The iPad2 was announced today. I don't think it came across, so hopefully you read the announcement with a small bit of sarcasm, as anyone who keeps up with tech news knew the announcement would come today. Also, Apple releases an update a year anymore when it comes to their products, so getting the announcement a month prior ro the iPad's first birthday wasn't a huge surprise.

So we have the announcement; does the iPad 2 look worth the time and money?

First things first, apparently the sequel will be faster than the original, sporting an A5 chip and a dual core processor. Apple boasts 2x the speed of the original, and the graphics processer is 9x faster.

Along with performance, the iPad2's form factor will be smaller. According to measurements, it's 33% thinner than the iPhone 4. It has trimmed some weight too, coming in at 1.3 lbs. (compared to the 1.5 lbs iPad).

Additional features left out of the iPad have found their way to "2". The iPad2 will have a rear and front-facing camera, something many were extremely peeved was left out of the iPad. Another neat feature is the ability to stream out through a HDMI connection. It supports up to a 1080p resolution, which all apps can take advantage of.

Along with the hardware, the software side of the iPad2 saw an upgrade. The device will utilize iOS 4.3. Safari will perform better within this platform. Also, there will be an iTunes home sharing features which allows users to access their content over Wifi.

Whether any of these upgrades is worth a purchase is completely up to you. I still have the mind that tablet computers are in 'no man's land'. If I want to be portable, I can log onto the internet with my phone. If I want to travel easily around my house with a computer, I can use a notebook (with a physical keyboard!). While there are some cool features found within tablet PC's, none are strong enough to warrant a purchase from me.

What are your thoughts on tablets, specifically how they interact with internet and related applications? Do you find uses from them compared to other portable devices?

The ideas presented in the WebProWorld newsletter editor's note do not reflect the thoughts, and ideas of the WebProWorld community.

| JohnnyV |

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Wednesday, March 02, 2011 Visit Here

Google Discussion Forum
Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center
I hope this is the correct forum section to post this in. If not, my apologies

I am having a ton of trouble with Google Merchant Account data feed uploads. I have an OS Commerce shopping cart in place. I have single feed add on, but when I submit the single feed it gives me errors on all the products and will not display them.

Does anyone have experience with OS Commerce and exporting a feed to Google merchant Center?

I appreciate any help!

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