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WebProWorld Members,

The combination of words "Google" and "algorithm" is enough to make some SEO experts break out in hives. After last week's update, I'm sure many of the experts were way beyond hive breakouts. As many sites took a plummet in ranking, to what was and is still being referred to as the content farm update.

The problem with the update is many sites which aren't considered content farms were negatively impacted. These site owners aren't happy with the results, leting the world and Google know. It should also be noted that Google never specifically said the update would only effect content farms.

Cult of Mac, a well renowned blog dedicated to Apple related news was hit hard by the update. Leander Kahney, editor and publisher had this to say about the update, "We’ve become a civilian casualty in the war against content farms...Why us? We have no idea. The changes Google has made to its system are secret. What makes it worse is that Google’s tinkering seems to have actually improved Demand Media’s page rank, while killing ours...We’re a blog, so we aggregate news stories like everyone else. But our posts are 100% original and we do a ton of original reporting..."

While many experts have only seen the negative of the situation, there is a silver lining to be found. EzineArticles CEO Christ Knight has been working up ways to recover from the hit his site took. They've reevaluted their submission process, and gone so far as to reject article submissions submitted through a Wordpress plug-in. They're also reducing the number of ads on a page; an addition I'm sure many readers are happy with.

Essentially, Google is forcing EzineArticles to improve or be left in the dust. It's a propisition which I'm sure scares many site owners and SEO analysts out there, but I can't bring myself to call it all bad. If Google made a switch so that sites will have to clean up their act, then so be it.

Obviously, there are those affected by the change who didn't deserve to be ranked lower. Google's Matt Cutts, has stated these people can visit their webmaster forum and request a re-evaluation.

Cutts used a quote which I find appropriate for the latest algorithm update, "Any change will have some losses, but hopefully a lot more wins than losses."

For site owners, have you noticed a difference in search ranking? For users, have you noticed Google's results having greater relevancy?

The ideas presented in the WebProWorld newsletter editor's note do not reflect the thoughts, and ideas of the WebProWorld community.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011 Visit Here

Search Engine Optimization Forum
Legitimate SEO tactic or slimy trick?

Legitimate SEO tactic or slimy trick?
My company has a competitor that every few months publishes a blog posting "Ways people find us" and then they list what they call "interesting keywords and phrases people used to find them." I'm assuming they are going through their web server logs to pull these keywords and phrases, but who knows?

What this appears to be doing is bumping up their search scores for terms that already worked to find their site (assuming they pulled the list from their logs). This part sounds appealing to me but, many of these terms include competitor names which now allows them to ride on the coattails of their competitors.

To me, I don't have an issue with a vendor using a competitors name in legitimate content on their site but I question whether or not reposting search keywords and phrases is "legitimate content." Like the title asks, is this is a legitimate SEO tactic or a slimy trick?

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There's an overview for each Page with data on traffic, the rate of new users, gender, age and location of users, and details on user behavior on the Page. The program also shows you which comments receive the most interactions and views. The data can be exported in CSV and synced with Excel. Here's an overview for one Page I admin:

You can also hook up your website with Insights -- assuming you have "like" buttons on your site -- and access the same metrics for your site. It's easy to add; Facebook provides a meta tag to add to your home page. See: and Are you using this? Any insights on Insights?

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Search Engine Optimization Forum
Why the underline in the URL is changed into characte like hr

Call for help. The template of my site is Zen Cart, The correct suffix of URL address is "-c-3_41_48.html", but in the Google indexed pages, it is changed into "-c-3hr41hr48.html", Why this happeded?

Why the underline in the URL is changed into characte like hr. Thanks a lot firstly.

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IT Discussion Forum
javascript problem with live Menu

I am desperately hoping that someone here might be in a position to guide me.

I have just begun working with javascript and am trying to sort out the liveMenu from SourceForge.

I have had a number of issues with it that I was able to work through but this last one is driving me mad. So here it is.

I have uploaded a test site if anyone is interested (

1 . I am calling all javascript from a JSCRIPT folder

2. The file that seems to be the issue AND stopping the slider to operate for the liveMenu is Menu_head.js and the content is as follows

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