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WebProWorld Members,

Wal-Mart, the superstore is rarely spoken of when talking about retailers succeeding on the internet. They have an online store much like other giant retailers, but they really haven't done anything special to warrant attention. That is until now. One could say they're pioneering a concept other big names, and even small businesses could potentially adopt.

Wal-Mart has created a Facebook App called 'CrowdSaver'. This nifty feature gives Facebook users (or at least provides the facade) the power to make deals happen on The concept is really simple. Every week, Wal-Mart will post a potential deal on their Facebook page. In order for the deal to unlock, Facebook users must provide the item with the required amount of likes.

For instance, last week Wal-Mart posted a plasma TV and wall mount combo as their first item for CrowdSaver. The deal required 5,000 likes in order for the sales price to unlock. Once unlocked, people could visit and purchase the item at the sales price.

In the past it has taken Wal-Mart awhile to catch up in how they offer sales online. I have to say this is extremely forward thinking though. This feature can do nothing but help them. You get the benefit of engaging with customers on a direct level, while also being able to sell a lot of product.

When it comes to offering sales, the mental aspect of the deal is just as important as the price itself. If you make people feel as though they're getting a deal, then more than likely they'll buy the product. In the process, their brand spreads further and further across Facebook. This feature is the poster child of the 'win-win' scenario.

It will be interesting to see if businesses, large or small, go this route. It certainly appears to be a novel concept, while also being so simple.

The ideas presented in the WebProWorld newsletter editor's note do not reflect the thoughts, and ideas of the WebProWorld community.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics
I'm trying to figure out if what this person wrote is accurate as he has an article that I'm actually looking for, but I want to first make sure he/she knows his stuff.


The first trouble is that Google Analytics uses what is called “page tagging technology”. Without getting too deep on this, it is important that we understand this one fact. That is, the program is only capable of recording information on browsers that execute JavaScript.

Automated browsers (including all spiders like Googlebot, Yahoo! Slurp, MSNBot, etc.) never execute JavaScript in your source code. So, while Google Analytics may do a great job of tracking your human visitors, they’re unable to give you the goods on spider behavior.

In order to make the most of your SEO efforts you need to know when a spider is coming in, what pages they’re requesting, and how often they’ll come back. Using this information is how you can launch and optimize new pages, set up the best internal links and prioritize your source code changes.

While it sounds strange, I would go so far as to say that tracking spiders is just as important as tracking your visitors.

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Site for Review

Maybe not completely new, but I designed this website using horizontally scrolling pages. I greatly modified a Wordpress theme that I found with this feature.

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Power saving mode problem

Somebody please help me in following trouble-

When I switch on my desktop PC it performed few minutes and then a small window appeared on the screen says "On Power Saving Mode" and the PC goes standby mode to switched off automatically.

Tell me how I can get resolve this problem.

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Insider Reports
13 Ways to Sabotage Your SEO Opportunities

This article by Michael Murray seems to have slipped under the radar of WPW members. It very candidly lists the most likely culprits in many people's failed attempts to reach the summit of SEO.

1. Bring in an SEO specialist after the fact.
2. Not understanding the difference between keyword research and keyword selection.
3. Picking the wrong domain name.
4. Having no sense of ranking analysis.
5. Failure to create compelling content.
6. Decorating the website with graphic headers.
7. Preoccupation with social media.
8. Long-Short Page Syndrome.
9. Whacky page titles.
10. Inbound Link Void.
11. Misdiagnosing the competition.
12. Unwilling to spend money.
13. Terrible Calls to Action.

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Marketing Strategies Discussion Forum
Effective Marketing Through Article Submission

Low cost articles do not tend to generate pre-sold, targeted traffic. They tend towards traffic with a very vague general interest, one or two steps removed from profiled potential customers. That's the tendency.

Worst yet, quite a few articles used for marketing target non-buyers. For example, the how-to article frequently used for marketing to potential clients. Just consider the psychology for a moment. If they want to do it themselves, the chances go down they are willing to hire. Moreover, if they are forced to do it themselves, it would likely be due to lack of ability to pay.

The average how-to tends toward driving low income wannabes. With the ever-so-occasional exception who, throwing up their hands in defeat, is ready to allow you to pitch them -- no way, shape or form a pre-sold rabid buyer. Most are mistargeted non-buyers, the missing part of "how to" is "How To ...Do It Yourself Without Hiring." That's the tendency.

Finally, but not least, most of these articles are general lowest-common-denominator basics available everywhere. Each article covers roughly the same, generic, basic ground added perspectives, insights, expertise, niche, or differentiation from any similar article. Google bot can tell it's technically not a duplicate -- which doesn't mean that article is unique by any means.

Case In Point: The opening post. It could be a Wikipedia entry about the topic of article marketing. It's like every other opening post on article marketing ...ever. There was probably one just like it last week. And there will be another, indistinguishably identical post on using articles for marketing next week. And the week after. And the week after that one.

So, if you are not doing business with the OP right this minute, don't write articles like that expecting you'll get hungry, enthusiastic, perfectly profiled buyers either.

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